High School (9-12)

High School students typically have access to Computer Science classes. Thus the following curriculum is tailored more for teachers than for workshops.

HS.301.J Object Oriented Programming 

Uses Java to introduce the ideas of methods, constructors, objects, abstraction, interfaces, and polymorphism.

HS.302.W HTML and Web Development

Provides introduction to how to deploy and create HTML and CSS websites. Explores internet concepts such as DNS records, industry-standard storage and servers.

HS.303.APCSP Topics in Computer Science

Teaches and explains ideas necessary for APCSP, such as TCP/IP, the Internet, Encryption, and etc. Not associated with College Board, intended use as addendum to coding curriculum.

HS.FRQ The CS Outreach AP FRQ Test Bank

A variety of practice free response questions designed to emulate the AP examinations for AP Java.


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